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Programmes Offered:


Diploma in Customer Relationship Management

The Diploma In Customer Relationship Management is designed for students who have successfully completed their high school and want to pursue a career in Customer Service. There are three levels for this course. It is generally expected that the course is completed within two and a half years. There are 23 courses that must be examined including on-the-job training and a research project.

Having successfully completed this course, graduates can enroll for the Advanced Diploma In Customer Relationship Management. Those that might want career changes can enroll for other programmes at various colleges and universities across the globe. Alternatively, they can join the formal sector and be absorbed in middle management positions in Customer Service.

The courses to be covered include:


DICS101       Relationship Marketing Management

DICS102       Principles Of Customer Service

DICS103       Marketing Communications

DICS104       Business Ethics

DICS105       Customer Relationship Management

DICS106       Managing Customers Information System

DICS107       Customer Relationship Management Technology

DICS108       Financial Management

DICS109       Customer Service Management

DICS110       Customer Analytics


DICS201       Customer Management Techniques

DICS202       Marketing Research

DICS203       Professional Selling

DICS204       Call Centre Management

DICS205       Quality Assurance And Control

DICS206       Attachment / On The Job Training


DICS301       CRM Project Management

DICS302       Customer Psychology

DICS303       Introduction To Sociology

DICS304       Strategic Customer Management

DICS305       Services Marketing

ELECTIVES (3 subjects required)

DICS306       Financial Services Marketing

DICS307       Retail Marketing

DICS308       Political Marketing

DICS309       Sports And Entertainment Marketing

DICS310       Patient Management And Care

DICS311       Guest Relationship Management

DICS312       Rural And Agriculture Marketing

DICS313       Research Project

Diploma In Call Centre Management

This is your passport to the world of call centres. Today’s world is characterized by millions of call centers, hence the demand for call centre experts is exceptionally high. The Diploma in Call Centre Management is designed for anyone who has successfully completed high school and want a career in customer service and in particular the call centre.

To get the Diploma, you must pass all the 15 modules. Graduates of Call Centre Management get employment as call centre agents, supervisors, managers or directors. In general, they can also be employed in other customer service related areas. Alternatively, they can advance to the Advanced Diploma In Customer Service.

The courses to be covered include:


DCCM101       Customer Service Management

DCCM102       Customer Psychology

DCCM103       Marketing Communications

DCCM104       Customer and Consumer Rights

DCCM105       Customer and Consumer Rights


DCCM201       Financial Management

DCCM202       Professional Selling

DCCM203       Customer Relationship Management

DCCM204       Marketing Communications

DCCM205       Business Ethics


DCCM301       Call Centre Management

DCCM302       Strategic Customers Management

DCCM303       Managing Customers Information System

DCCM304       Quality Assurance and Control

DCCM305       CRM Project Management

Executive Diploma

Executive Diploma In Customer Relationship Management

This 18-month course is designed for those who are already in employment but do not possess the relevant formal qualification in customer service or are looking for a career change into customer service. There are 15 modules to be completed successfully for one to be offered the Diploma.

Graduates of the Executive Diploma In Customer Relationship Management can also upgrade their skills by enrolling for the Advanced Diploma In Customer Relationship Management.

The courses to be covered include:


EDICS101       Introduction To Sociology

EDICS102       Relationship Marketing Management

EDICS103       Customer Service Management

EDICS104       Customer Psychology

EDICS105       Quality Assurance and Control


EDICS201       Communication Skills and Cultural Issues

EDICS202       Call Centre Technologies

EDICS203       Telemarketing and Telesales

EDICS204       Human Resources Management

EDICS205       Information Systems Management


EDICS301       Call Centre Operations Management

EDICS302       Security and Emergency Management

EDICS303       Call Centre Performance management

EDICS304       Strategic Resource Planning and Budgeting

EDICS305       Structure and Design

Advanced Diploma

Advanced Diploma In Customer Relationship Management

This is an advanced course in customer service. To qualify for this diploma, one must have successfully completed the Diploma In Customer Relationship Management, Executive Diploma or Call Centre Management.

Graduates of this course are absorbed in senior management in charge of customer service or call centres. Opportunities are available in various sectors of the economy such as telecommunications, retail, banking, insurance, tourism and hospitality, healthcare and government. The ten module course is done over an eighteen – month period.

The courses to be covered include:


ADICS101       Customer Relationship Management II

ADICS102       Predictive Analytics

ADICS103       Managing Customers Information Systems II

ADICS104       Call Center Management II

ADICS105       Business Research Methods


ADICS201       Customer Service Standards

ADICS202       Consumer Protection Laws

ADICS203       CRM Project Management II

ADICS204       Corporate Governance

ADICS205       Public Relations


ADICS300       Dissertation

Post Graduate Diploma

Post Graduate Diploma In Customer Relationship Management

The Chartered Institute of Customer Relationship Management gives graduates of other fields of study an opportunity to equip themselves with customer service skills. The Post Graduate Diploma In CRM is specifically designed for such candidates

The approximate duration of the course is one and a half years.

The courses to be covered include:


PGDCRM101       Relationship Marketing

PGDCRM102       Customer Service Management

PGDCRM103       Quality Assurance and Control

PGDCRM104       Corporate Governance

PGDCRM105       Customer Communications


PGDCRM201       Customer Relationship Management

PGDCRM202       Customer Psychology

PGDCRM203       Managing Customers Information System

PGDCRM204       Customer Service Standards

PGDCRM205       Consumer Protection Laws


PGDCRM300       Dissertation

Chatered Professional

Chartered Customer Service Professional

Being a Chartered Customer Service Professional (CCSP) opens many doors for you. The CCSP designation is your passport to a leadership position in Customer Service just as Chartered Accountants are in Accounting.

By carrying the CCSP title, employers can be confident that your knowledge and experience comply with the highest professional standards.

How do you become one?

  1. Successfully complete the Advanced Diploma In Customer Service or Post Graduate Diploma In CRM or any other customer service qualification approved by the CICRM.
  2. Earn an appropriate master's degree from an accredited institution.
  3. Complete at least two years of practical training in the industry with an organization that is accredited to the CICRM. The organization where you do your training must appoint a mentor to monitor your training program. This mentor gives you career development guidance until you are eligible to apply for the CCSP title.
  4. Compile evidence of your competence in the form of a Curriculum Vitae. Include examples of how you used your customer service knowledge to advance the customer service cause. Identify a project in which you applied theoretical and practical methods to analyze and solve a customer service problem. Include evidence of working experience where you exercised technical and commercial leadership skills. Explain your personal commitment to professional standards and recognition of responsibilities towards the society and environment. Include an action plan for your own future professional development.
  5. Take photocopies of all authenticated certificates related to your customer service education. Ask your mentor to sign each copy.
  6. Obtain the Standard for Customer Service Professional Competence Application Form from the CICRM. Complete the form and submit it along with your detailed Curriculum Vitae and Certificate copies.
  7. Wait for the CICRM to contact you with a date for your assessment interview. The CICRM will review the documentation you submitted, and determine whether you qualify for the assessment interview.
  8. Attend the interview and answer all questions to the best of your ability. The interview is conducted by a number of interviewers who will compile a report and submit it to the CICRM Council. The Council will decide whether you are approved for the CCSP Status and notify you of the outcome. If you qualify, the CICRM Council will automatically register you as a CCSP.